He complimented me on my shirt. :’)

We bonded over both having names that people constantly spell wrong. :’)

I told him it was on my bucket list to meet him and he was like, “Well, you just got one check!” :’)

Twelve years of being a fan. I’m pretty pleased. 😍


Matt Anderson  giving away his #1 jersey to kids at The Boys and Girls Club in Anaheim.
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When five became fierce || July 31, 2012

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And it’s raining, just like it was on the day I met Buzz Schneider… though I also had my phone stolen that day, and got lost in New Jersey by myself without a phone in the rain, sooooooo maybe let’s not make comparisons between these days anymore.

But it’s been raining for more than 24 hours so I’m thinking about just sWIMMING to Boulder instead.




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July 30, 1976 - Bruce Jenner wins gold in the decathlon at the Montreal Olympics



His 8,617 points set a world record in the event.

The secret to Jenner’s success was his preparation. In the 1970s, most decathletes trained with other decathletes. Bruce Jenner, however, trained with some of the world’s best athletes in each of the 10 decathlon events. “If you train with a decathlon man,” Jenner told Dave Anderson of The New York Times in 1976, “you can’t visualize that you can do much better. But if you throw the discus with Mac Wilkins or throw the shot with Al Feuerbach, then they’re 20 feet ahead of me. You learn much more that way.”

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Conehead Week, Day 3: Favorite quote

I never had a problem with Herb. I mean, he was tough, but he was one of those guys… if we were sitting here today, he’d say ‘I’ll see you here next year at the same time, and we’re going to have a cup of coffee’. And no matter what happened that year, Herb would be here. And if you weren’t here, he’d be sitting here waiting for you. He was a man of his word, I’ll tell you that. God, I mean, they don’t make those guys anymore, where deals are done on a handshake. You say what you mean, and you follow through. To me, that was the best part about him…honest guy. When I played for him at Minnesota, he was tough. But I remember after I left, we used to go have a couple of beers together. It was great. We understood each other. But when I came back and played on the ‘80 Olympic team, he changed his tune with me. The wall came down, I knew where I stood, and I definitely knew where he stood. I remember when I was at the U, and Herbie was all for us breaking away from the NCAA. He said, you’ve got people who don’t know much about hockey, making decisions for hockey people. He’d rather keep it in the hockey family. Herbie liked to rock the boat a little bit." - Buzz Schneider on his relationship with Herb Brooks [x]

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WAIT i never heard the story of you getting to wear a gold medal from lake placid pls share

AH YES that was before this fandom became a fandom!

For seven months last year I was an intern at USA Volleyball and lived at the Olympic Training Center with all the other USOC/NGB interns (which, side note, I’m like 99% sure is where the athletes stayed during the 1979 National Sports Festival. But THAT is another story entirely!).

ANYWAY, one of our intern class activities in November was a tour of the USOC archives. It was THE ABSOLUTE FREAKING GREATEST, and we got to hold all sorts of torches, and the archivist brought out medals from Salt Lake City and Atlanta for us to hold and wear and pass around. But then it looked like she wasn’t taking any more out, and I happened to be right next to her during this whole thing, so I was awkwardly like “……………….do you have any medals from 1980?”

And she was like “oh, I don’t have any from Moscow but I do have from Lake Placid!” So I promptly have a mild heart attack as she’s digging through boxes. She finally pulls it out and turns to me and goes “congratulations! You just won the gold medal!” and ACTUALLY HANGS IT AROUND MY NECK LIKE IT WAS A MEDAL CEREMONY, and like shakes my hand and everything as if I actually won it.


BUT LIKE not only is this the hockey team’s medal, but the ONLY OTHER AMERICAN that had this medal hung around their neck was Eric Heiden. Between the Miracle on Ice and Eric Heiden you’ve got some of America’s most iconic Olympic accomplishments EVER. EVER EVER EVER. I COULD DIE OVER HOW HISTORIC THIS MEDAL IS.

So then I obviously had to take it off and pass it around to the rest of the group, and things slowly dispersed as we got to walk around the room and see other things that were laid out. But once everyone had gotten the medal, I ended up to the last guy who had it, and I was like “……..can I hold it?” And he handed it over, so I got to just kind of cradle it like it was my chid for five or ten minutes before we left.


It was kind of the greatest.

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“Laying in my hospital bed [after being attacked from behind by Lou Franceschetti in a game against the Hershey Bears, leaving Harrington with a concussion, fractured jaw, broken nose and four loosened teeth] I had all sorts of mixed emotions, especially when my teeth ached and my heart throbbed. I kept thinking of the cleaner game in Europe, that I could have gone to Switzerland to play hockey. Something like this can’t help but discourage you. But this is the way it is in the pros and I’ll make it one way or the other… even if I have to face a few goofballs.” — John “Bah” Harrington (via jackocalllahan)

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July 29, 1996 - Carl Lewis, at age 35, won his fourth Olympic gold medal



By the time the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta rolled around, Carl Lewis was 35 years old. Though he was still admired around the world for his previous Olympic triumphs, he had barely managed to qualify for the U.S. team in the long jump and most experts believed he’d be lucky to medal, let alone win another gold. Going into the last of his three jumps, Lewis trailed Emmanuel Bangué of France and his leading jump of 26’ 10 ½” by two inches. Lewis took off cleanly after a smooth sprint and landed face down, but knowing instinctively that the jump had secured him first place, he quickly got to his feet and raised his arms in triumph. His mark of 27’ 10 ¾” was his longest in two years—a full foot ahead of Bangue—and good enough for his fourth consecutive gold in the long jump.

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