What does the moinetwork mean to you?

Haha, well, for a solid year and a half the Miracle fandom on tumblr consisted of me by myself. So the fact that there’s now a whole little community of people that are into it is pretty frickin’ exciting to say the least. I’m no longer just shouting into the void! Woop woop!

I’ve also met some really awesome people, and it’s a great excuse to poke around in Photoshop and teach myself how to do things, so basically it’s an all-around winner of a situation. :)


These pictures just make me really happy❤️



Best day of that kids life. x

Awwww. Hilary Knight is such a rock star.


Oh wow 

Johnny stars in To Russia With Love
a new documentary about LGBT athletes, 
portions of which were filmed in secret during his time 
in Sochi as an NBC figure skating commentator. 


have you read the book lord of the flies

No I haven’t… I know a lot of high school English classes do, but I think all mine ever got was an excerpt.


New York Rangers goalie Jack McCartan (undated)