I will forever be indebted to Neal Broten because he won the cup for NJ (NJ's first ever cup too)

Awwww YAY GO NEAL!!! I went to an autograph signing with a bunch of them in January and there were a ton of Devils fans in line for him. :))))

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You know what I want? A version of Miracle that focuses on Neal Broten.

Neal Broten, who was being recruited by colleges when he was a freshman in high school because he was the best high school player anyone had ever seen and who Herb Brooks said was the most talented freshman he ever coached at the University of Minnesota.

who made the Olympic team when he was 19 but looked and acted like a 12-year-old, with his excitable-puppy personality and high squeaky voice, and who pranked his teammates in the locker room and played video games and loved going to McDonald’s with his best bud and partner in crime.

whose brother Aaron was brought in for a tryout for the Olympic team along with Tim Harrer, but who was so well-liked by his teammates that they didn’t get weird or hostile to him about it.

who was so nervous before the Soviet game that he told himself to just not make any glaring mistakes.

who went back to school for a year after the Olympics even though he’d already been drafted by the Minnesota North Stars, and won the inaugural Hobey Baker Award in 1981 (honoring the country’s best collegiate hockey player) but said Aaron should’ve won it instead because he had a better season.

who played in the NHL for 16 years and won a Stanley Cup (and scored the winning goal to do so, and was the first American to do that).

who is the only hockey player ever to have won the Hobey Baker Award, an Olympic gold medal and the Stanley Cup, and is one of two players to have won an NCAA Championship, an Olympic gold medal and the Stanley Cup.

who chose his dad to give the speech inducting him into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame.

who is still incredibly camera shy and gives awkward interviews, despite the fact that he’s a living legend, because he’s incredibly modest and has avoided the media and the fame that comes with it.

Why are there TWO movies about the 1980 Olympic hockey team that BOTH ignore Neal Broten like he didn’t even exist?


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from spending more time in the penalty box than any US player to bouncing back from a debilitating knee injury, you were a champion through it all. 34 years later, your charisma, wit, and childlike sense of humor continue to enthrall and inspire people around the world. somehow you’ve managed to perfect the balance between simultaneously being an overly-excitable, sassy goofball and the portrait of go-hard-or-go-home ambition, and i strive to be even half as great of a human being as you. thank you for existing, thank you for bringing so much positivity and light into the world, and thank you for being a shining example to slytherins everywhere. happy birthday to the man, the monster, and the fucking legend. i hope you have the best name day anyone can have—and may there be many, many more. 

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♡  Happy 57th Birthday to Jack “the best looking guy on that team” O’Callahan! Here’s to many, many more good-looking birthdays.

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In 1984, the very first Winter Olympics taking place in a communist state was held in the unique and remarkable city of Sarajevo — then a thriving metropolis in the now-defunct host nation Yugoslavia, now the modern capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2014 — 30 years after the Sarajevo Winter Olympics — the seaside Russian city of Sochi also held the attention of television viewers, in the way only a former communist nation in a world entranced by Western media can, as it played host to the XXII Olympic Winter Games.


Yugoslavia doesn’t exist anymore, except in the minds of Yugo-stalgic lovers of all things Tito. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a democracy. Russia has given communism the flick, moving toward a decidedly more corporatocracy. And the cities of Sochi and Sarajevo share something else in common — an abandoned Winter Olympic site. As Sochi begins its inevitable decay, perhaps the abandoned Winter Olympic bobsled track high on Mount Trebević above Sarajevo will be an eerily accurate bellwether for Sochi’s Imeritinsky Beach.


At the time, a record 49 nations participated in the 1984 Winter Olympics. Tens of thousands of spectators covering Mount Trebević cheered on the brave Sarajevo bobsled and luge competitors, as they raced down the 1.3km track at speeds of over 100 km/h, in snowy, blustery conditions. For several years after the Olympics, the Sarajevo bobsled track was used for world cup competitions. And then came the rub. When 1991 rolled around, the ugly and complex Yugoslav wars commenced, and the Olympic bobsled location was utilised by military forces as an artillery position.

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